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Reset vSphere VCSA root password

So I absolutely have not forgotten my appliance root password for my VCSA but I am getting the below error when attempting to logon to the GUI – WTF? Fortunately, there is a simple resolution to this problem.  The password has expired and needs resetting.  This will need attention if I want to perform an upgrade, which I most certainly do (vCenter 6.7 to 7). Logon to the appliance GUI with your SSO administrator account and enable SSH. Then open a SSH session on the appliance using Putty and your expired root credentials. *If you have forgotten the password completely...


Deploy vCenter with CLI Command Line

I have had to deploy vCenter many times over recent months and I keep meaning to try out the CLI command method provided to do so silently (and repeatedly).  I have finally got around to writing this up. Tools required are the VCSA iso from VMware download here and the preparation of a .json file that defines all your configuration.  Oh, and a mac or windows client to run it from.  I am using Windows in this example but have used the same process on a mac. Whilst you can also perform an upgrade or migration this way I needed...


vSphere 7 – VCSA upgrade

So Big News – as you have no doubt heard vSphere 7 is now GA so time to upgrade the homelab and take a look! I am currently running (an increasingly under spec) vSAN 6.7 cluster consisting of 3 HP Gen 8 Microservers.  I keep threatening to take my lab into the cloud but there is something comforting about having the hardware sat in the corner of the room (albeit majorly time-consuming).  Anyway, onto stage 1 vCenter! The VCSA upgrade process is pretty slick now and I had no bother following the basic instructions to complete the migration.  The 2...