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A screenshot of a cell phone Description automatically generated

Horizon View 7.X – Branding the Logon Page

I’ve blogged about this for previous versions of Horizon over on Define Tomorrow and with version 7.7 now GA I thought I would put all of the information together and hopefully simplify the process by removing some peripheral information. The original post can be found here I think it is a nice visual to add some simple branding to the default Horizon landing and portal pages and it is relatively straightforward to accomplish. Let’s start with the default screens and elements. Landing Page HTML Portal Page I’ve marked the images we are going to change in red and the text...


Certificates for Horizon HTML Blast Agent and non-persistent desktops

Background If you wish to have the connection server hand off an HTML5 blast connection directly to the horizon agent then there is a requirement for there to be a trusted certificate on the desktop. When using the Connection server as a gateway this is not required. In addition, with UAGs providing external access you need to turn the Blast gateway off. You can use a dedicated Connection server(s) for external access, but this pairing requirement was a limitation of security server that was lifted with UAG so I don’t want to deploy additional servers. I also want to avoid...