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Enable Flash Based Web Consoles in Windows 2019

Enable Flash Based Web Consoles in Windows 2016/2019 I first posted this short blog on the excellent Define Tomorrow website here.  I thought it handy to update it for Windows Server 2019. I thought I would do a quick post as I come across this frequently. Windows 2016/2019 has flash player available, but it is not enabled by default. Especially frustrating as many of the vmware consoles I use are still flash based. There are security concerns around installing flash player on a server, so I tend to limit this to lab environments, but it is a good to know....


Certificates for Horizon HTML Blast Agent and non-persistent desktops

Background If you wish to have the connection server hand off an HTML5 blast connection directly to the horizon agent then there is a requirement for there to be a trusted certificate on the desktop. When using the Connection server as a gateway this is not required. In addition, with UAGs providing external access you need to turn the Blast gateway off. You can use a dedicated Connection server(s) for external access, but this pairing requirement was a limitation of security server that was lifted with UAG so I don’t want to deploy additional servers. I also want to avoid...


Welcome Note

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening. I just wanted to write a quick note to introduce this blog.  I have previously published content on ComputerWorlds excellent Define Tomorrow website (I may repost some of the more relevant pieces here in due course). However, I have since moved on and have decided to create a personal blog both for my own reference and with the hope of continuing to add a spot of usefulness to others in the community. I’ll be concentrating mainly on EUC but no (tech) topic is off limits! Cheers, CT