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Nostalgia Hit – Nintendo A-Z Part 1

I thought it might be nice to have a little change of pace and post something as a bit of fun. I’ve always been a bit of a Nintendo fanboy, as have my 2 brothers and I have many fond memories of playing the games as I was growing up, way back to the days of the NES and Super NES. My children now play on the switch and it’s nice to see things come full circle, there is certainly a lot of comfort that I take from the nostalgia hit! Anyway, my brother put together a bit of a...


Enable Flash Based Web Consoles in Windows 2019

Enable Flash Based Web Consoles in Windows 2016/2019 I first posted this short blog on the excellent Define Tomorrow website here.  I thought it handy to update it for Windows Server 2019. I thought I would do a quick post as I come across this frequently. Windows 2016/2019 has flash player available, but it is not enabled by default. Especially frustrating as many of the vmware consoles I use are still flash based. There are security concerns around installing flash player on a server, so I tend to limit this to lab environments, but it is a good to know....